Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Craft! :)

Hi everyone! How's it going? I haven't update in a while, so I wanted to post some cards I made for Halloween :) Yeah... I know... Halloween was like 3 weeks ago.. but I forgot.. and now with all these new tests, projects, and quizzes it's hard to be updated daily OR weekly.. hehe okay I've also got some other news:
1. I'll (hopefully) be starting scrapbooking this weekend (cuz I needed to print the pictures... and never got the photo paper... so I finally got it :).. and started printing some..)
2. I'm going to start some embroidery.. my mom knows how.. but we need to buy some fabric, frames & hoops,  needles (I think), Iron-on patterns/images, and some thread/floss.
so.. that's my update :)


  1. great cards, very cute papers. I love embroidery too and it looks nice on layouts too :)

  2. What cute cards!! You're going to love embroidery - are you doing cross-stitch?

  3. I might be doing cross-stitch I still have to get the stuff.. I'll post 'bout it when I get it :)